Let’s get rid of the big money in politics

David is fighting for workers and families

Representing Oklahomans on real Issues

David comes from a pre-statehood Oklahoma family and is invested in our people. He’s been challenging corporate greed and has rejected all corporate PAC and Super PAC money.

mission & Vision

We the people need a government that works for all of us instead of powerful corporations

A Better Bargain For Working People

The only acceptable government is the government that rules with the consent of the governed.

Making Families Stronger By Building Security

A strong nation is built on strong communities. And those come from strong families.

Universal Health Care And Tuition-Free College

These popular proposals are being blocked by politicians who take money from lenders, health insurance companies, and other private interests.

Patriotic Values

  • Pro-Gun
  • Pro-Border
  • Pro-Made in USA
Second Amendment
Green Transition
Corporate Influence

American Workers First

American manufacturing must be prioritized over cheap foreign imports. This will bolster national security and create good-paying jobs.

Expand Our Rights

  • Livable Wage
  • Affordable childcare
  • Fairness in the workplace
  • End homelessness
  • Clean environment

Medicare for All Americans

The goal of a health care system is to treat those who are ill, not generate maximum profit.

Ask the candidate

No one will work harder for transparency in government

Yes I believe political figures should be limited to 18 years of service in both chambers of the legislature. Note that all politicians will say they support term limits if asked. The ones who don’t say a specific time limit are probably the ones who are not as sincere.

I agree, members of Congress should not be allowed to trade stocks under any circumstances. They are privy to confidential information which makes insider trading possible, and insider trading is already illegal. Also, they have the ability to play favorites for companies that give them that information, which presents a conflict of interest against the will of the people.

My plan for tuition-free university is funded by a transaction tax on Wall Street trading. Corporations and large trading firms will be taxed this time instead of middle-class families.

I believe women should have some access to abortion procedures based on the Supreme Court’s previous standard, the viability standard. The movement to codify Roe into federal law would have my support.

No I support the filibuster because I think legislation should have to get more than a simple majority in the Senate to pass. I do support national referendums, which we don’t have currently. It would bring issues of federal law up for a vote of the people of the entire nation, similar to the state questions we have in Oklahoma.

We must pursue the prosecution of Dr. Fauci for his abuse of the power entrusted in him. Also, the funding arm of the NIH where Fauci is still in charge must be overhauled so that an independent advisory committee is responsible for reviewing any and all research funding proposals, instead of a “funding czar” like him.

I would not support any of the three. However, I do feel strongly that justices should be able to be impeached if they misrepresent their positions during the confirmation hearings.

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We Urgently Need Leaders Who Are Unbought and Unbossed

Will you help me save our country in November?

It’s hard not to notice the changes in our country. We can no longer trust those in the positions of highest authority. Corporate greed is running amok, Biden is flooding our country with illegal immigrants, and wages are stagnant. Grift and gangsterism seem to become more common by the year. But alongside this moral decay, there is a resistance. A labor movement is growing. COVID has awakened our workers to the inadequacy of pay and benefits compared to the demands of the job. The virus cost over half of American workers their job. It was brought to us by disruptive agents, but it is up to us to recover from it.

What can we regular Americans do to defend our country against the hostile forces it faces? We must fight back against the big money in politics, and we do that by electing leaders who pledge to help overturn Citizens United. That Supreme Court decision opened the door to unlimited corporate spending in political races, and I will likely be up against that in this race. Secondly, we must begin the work of promising the right to join a labor union in the Constitution. Unions should be protected by the First Amendment already, but that is not the case. The Supreme Court has a long history of siding with capital in labor disputes.

This journey is just getting started, and I’ll need your help for it to be successful. Check out the resources page so that you’ll have the information you need to do your part and protect your family. Elections have consequences. If I win, I promise the consequences will be good for the American people.

Warm regards,


I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.

Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father